To promote Youth Lacrosse, skills and sportsmanship

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SYL Parent Check-List

For each clinic, please refer to this checklist to ensure all rules, regulations, and best practices are
being followed so we can have a safe and fun fall clinic season.

Before Arriving at the Field
○ Before each clinic please complete a COVID-19 self-screening. Anyone experiencing
any symptoms must stay home. Please screen for the symptoms as noted on the CDC
website for self-monitoring symptoms
○ You should never come to the field if your child or a member of your immediate
household has any symptoms potentially associated with COVID-19
○ Arrive at the field no more than 15 minutes prior to clinic time
○ Do not congregate on or near the playing field(s) or parking lots

Arriving at the Field
○ Check-in with your team’s Safety Coach who will be taking attendance at all practices
○ Locate your team’s Safety Coach who will assist players in finding their spots and
properly space out their equipment from others
○ No spectators in immediate playing areas. Clinics are limited to players and
managers/coaches only

○ Players must bring all of their own equipment
○ Stick
○ Gloves & helmet (boys)
○ Goggles (girls)
○ No sharing equipment
○ Clean and sanitize player equipment before and after each practice/game.
○ All equipment should be individually labeled with your child’s name to ensure equipment
is not accidentally used by others

Neck gaiters are NOT ALLOWED.
○ Players are required to wear facemasks at all times while traveling to/from
practice as well as at play
○ On the during breaks the players can have mask/water breaks as long as they
keep a 6 foot social distance space apart

○ No food (unless medically required) may be brought to fields
○ Bring own water bottle (there will be no running water available on site)
○ Water bottles must be clearly marked with a player’s name and will never be shared

○ All players and parents exiting the field, use:
○ staggered departures
○ social distancing
○ masks
○ Vacate the premises as soon as is reasonably possible (within 15 minutes)

Best Practices
○ Use of hand sanitizer is required by all players immediately before and after practices
(coaches will have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes or spray as part of their
equipment bag)
○ Attempt to send players to the field with their own hand sanitizer
○ Encourage players to cover coughs/sneezes with the inside of the elbow (boys should
walk far away from teammates if wearing helmets and need to sneeze)

Field Supervisors/ Safety Coach
○ Adhere to directions given by our parent-volunteer Field Supervisors
○ Refusal to wear a mask or to follow any of the established rules will result in being asked
to leave