To promote Youth Lacrosse, skills and sportsmanship

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Player Check List

Before Coming to the Field
○ Have your temperature taken
○ Make sure you are feeling healthy
○ Make sure you are properly dressed
○ Make sure you have your

                ○ Mask
                ○ Hand sanitizer
                ○ Stick
                ○ Helmet & Gloves (boys)
                ○ Goggles (girls)
                ○ Water bottle with your name on it

When You Get to the Field
○ Have your mask on (Neck gaiters are NOT ALLOWED)
○ Stay six feet from others
○ Immediately let your Safety Coach know you are there
○ Ask your Safety Coach to tell you where to put your stuff
○ Players are required to wear facemasks at all times while traveling to/from practice
as well as at play
○ On the during breaks the players can have mask/water breaks as long as they keep
a 6 foot social distance space apart

What not to Bring to the Field
○ Food
○ Gum

Be Safe and Respectful
○ No sharing of equipment, clothing, water, or anything else
○ No spitting
○ Keep your hands to yourself
○ Practice good hygiene (cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or walk away from
teammates/coaches to sneeze)
○ Use hand sanitizer often
○ Practice good sportsmanship without touching others

After Practices
○ Gather your equipment as soon as you can
○ Do not hang around, leave the field once you have all of your stuff (double-check)
○ Thank your coaches, volunteers, teammates, and adults who brought you