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Sharon, Massachusetts
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Frequently Asked Questions
What equipment do I need for youth lacrosse?
For Boys:  Boys lacrosse stick, lacrosse helmet, mouth guard, gloves and shoulder pads. Goaltenders are excluded from wearing shoulder pads but must wear helmet, mouth guard, gloves, chest and throat protection. Arm pads and protective cups are recommended.

For Girls: Girls lacrosse Stick, protective eye-wear, colored mouth guard (mouthpieces must be colored in order to be visible by a referee/coach; gloves, nose protection and soft head-wear are optional. Goaltenders must wear helmet with face mask, gloves, mouth guard, chest and throat protection. Youth goalies are also required to wear pelvic and abdominal padding.

Boys and Girls goalie equipment is provided by the association.

When is the lacrosse season?
The official season is in the spring.  The high school teams play games from March through the end of May.  Youth teams play games from April through early June.
When do Sharon youth teams play games?
The standard game day is Sundays, usually in the afternoons.  Some weeks games may be in the mornings, and there may be some additional games on weeknights.
How long are youth lacrosse games?

Generally, games run about 70 minutes including stoppages and warmups.
When are practices?
Boys teams generally practice once or twice during the week and on Saturdays.  Girls teams generally have team practices once or twice during the week, and individual skills practice on Saturdays.
Does Sharon Lacrosse offer offseason playing opportunities?
There is generally “fall ball” on Sunday afternoons where we might run scrimmages for older players, skills practices, and basic skills instruction for new players.  We also hold several indoor preseason practice sessions in the winter to prepare for the spring season.
Are there tryouts for teams?
Not for the regular league teams.  Sharon Lacrosse, along with the primary leagues that we are affiliated with – the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League and the Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League – are dedicated to teaching the game of lacrosse and creating opportunities to learn and play for all skill levels.  We are committed to provide equal development and playing opportunities to both new and experienced players within these leagues.
Sharon Lacrosse currently also runs “Select” or “Elite” teams for boys at the U13 and U15 levels.  These rosters are set through tryouts among the players within the program who are interested in playing at a higher level, and there are additional fees and additional practices and games for these teams.  As additional interest develops in the girls program, we will add these opportunities for girls players, as well.
Who are the coaches?
Sharon Lacrosse relies on volunteer coaches who are generally parents of the players.  Each team will have a designated Head Coach who has primary responsibility for maintaining the team schedule, communicate with families, and manage their team.  Each team will have a varying number of Assistant Coaches – and volunteers are always welcome – who assist with practices and game management.  All of our coaches receive at least minimum training from the league and from US Lacrosse (the national governing body for the sport).  We also have Coordinators for both the boys and girls programs who oversee all aspects of those programs – the Coordinators are Board members, as well.